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Look what google doodle tells us today !!!

Google doodle is the one which you found above in the google search engine. It changes whenever an important event occurs in any part of the world to express or remember it. Google is the most used search engine across the world. So an message representation could reach up to almost all peoples in the world. It might tell some fascinating facts about the day or some other stuffs like that. In this COVID-19 situation, google doodle had represented the preventive measures in an fascinating manner. This looks so amazing when you get it through yourself. Initially the google doodle looks like this as normal as we see it.Third party image reference

Then two legs get spawn under each letter. This indicates that each letter denotes a person either a men or women whatever maybe. Here's the representation.Third party image reference

Then each letter starts wearing mask as per their size to completely cover the parts where infection may occur. Here's the representation.Third party image reference

This is one of the preventive measures against COVID-19 virus which people follow mostly. The other thing to follow is social distancing. These letters then starts separating themselves away from each other as shown below.Third party image reference

There are two things google tells us that wearing mask and maintaining social distancing were the preventive measures against COVID-19 situation. The google doodle had made a simple and best representation about the preventive measures against COVID-19 situation. This is one of the appreciable one in this pandemic situation. Many people might get some awareness of this pandemic situation through this google doodle representation. Stay safe and follow these preventive measures to save yourself from this deadly disease.

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