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There will be no shortage of money by keeping these things in the house, know what are these?

 Who does not need money in today's era. He who has a lot of money wants that his money goes on increasing and he who has less money also wants that money to come to him. That is, money is such a thing which is very important for everyone. Many a times it happens that even after trying a million, the money does not stay or it does not turn towards the house. If you also want to increase wealth, then according to Vastu, keep these things in the house. Keeping these 5 things in the house will draw money.

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 Crystal Ball - Crystal Ball is considered to be the best solution for wealth. According to Vastu, if you put a crystal ball above the door or window in the house, then money comes into the house. That is, if you want to increase the money, then immediately bring the crystal ball at home.

 Orange plant - Very few people will know that orange plant is for money. It is considered lucky. According to Vastu, in a house where this plant is there, the money gets drawn automatically from all sides. That is, there is never a shortage of money in that house. So if you do not have this plant in your house, then plant it immediately.

 Moongoose- There is never a shortage of money by keeping the moongoose in the house. Moongoose is a child sitting on top of the coins. According to Vastu, keeping it in the house never reduces money. Whenever you bring it at home, keep it in the drawing room. You will benefit more by doing this.

 Basil plant - Basil plant will be found in most homes. But do you know that Basil plant is also best in terms of money growth. According to Vastu, the house where there is a basil plant also attracts money.

 Goodluck - Laughing Buddha carrying a bag of coins is called Goodluck. According to Vastu, keeping the sleeping Buddha in the house with a bag of money is best in terms of money. There is never a shortage of money in the house by doing this.

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