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Symptoms for specific faults of you Android phone.

If you are here, it is no doubt you are using any android devices. It doesn't matter which phone or device you are using, but it is sure one day that device will damage or break & you will buy another one.

So as an android device user, you need to know some faults & symptoms of android architecture. Be sure after knowing these faults, solutions are at your fingertips.

So with no further due, let's know what are these faults.

credit: third party image referenceSound faults;

This is not a big issue, but if the following symptoms or signs you found on your phone, then surely these sound faults are because of the speaker of your phone. You should change the speaker if following symptoms arise.

  • You can't listen to ringtone or music track.
  • Ringtone & music felt distorted & going tough to listen.
  • During music play, you feel uncentered FM sound all the time.
  • The speaker volume is too slow.
  • In the microphone's case, the caller can't listen to you, or it distorts the voice all the time.
  • The caller can listen to you for a few seconds.

Charging/Battery faults;

Charging/battery faults are not shown, but after frequent use, you will be familiar with the faults, if you feel the following symptoms. If so, you need to change your charger/battery.credit: third party image reference

  • The charger takes a long time to charge the battery, or the charger creates some sparking sound internally.
  • The charger is heating much more than normal.
  • It remains the battery backup for a few seconds after rebooting or switch on.
  • When you open any app or any task, the phone will automatically switch off.

Software faults;

Smartphone software faults may arise because of the following signs.

  • Software is not opening, in this case, you need to reinstall the software.
  • Some functions of the software are not accessible.
  • When you open any software other functions of the phone will automatically open.
  • Sometimes your smartphone hangs up more than normal.

Display faults;

If you are playing some heavy & graphical games all the time, the phone is falling down or your phone fell into the water, these faults are common for you rather following faults are very rare.credit: third party image reference

  • Display not showing any photograph or no text at all.
  • You can't type some text.
  • LCD got automatically white.
  • The display shows different colors of lines.

These are some common faults to find some temporary problems on your smartphone. If you have so, I am sure from now, you can find what problem you are facing on your smartphone.

Hope this will help you.

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