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Very few know how to whitening teeth is so simple

Often we concern about our teeth that why it is looking little yellowish. Now it is time to take away all this worries from our mind, by following this remarkable ideas we make our beautiful teeth as never as before. 

ORANGE PEEL : Cut the orange skin and rub it back and forth onto your teeth and since orange is acidic it will help your teeth brighten and turn white. Doing this will just help remove bacteria in your mouth, but you need to keep in mind that you need to brush your teeth after rubbing Orange on your teeth. Make sure that you brush your teeth after 5 minutes of rubbing orange. 

POWDER MILK WITH TOOTHPASTE :  Add a little bit of powdered milk to your toothbrush and this will help in keeping your teeth white and glossy.  This is because milk powder and milk products have calcium which is good for the teeth. 
Brush your teeth gently for two minutes and gently wash your mouth with water. Make sure you do this twice a day and this will help you feel better and maintain a better dental health. 
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TURMERIC POWDER : Take a teaspoon of turmeric and add a bit of water to it in a small dish. Once this has turned to a paste, take a toothbrush and dip it into the mix and brush for a minimum of 2 minutes. 
Turmeric powder has medicinal properties and remove surface strains and help in whiter teeth. 

Some of the simple ways in which you can get a teeth whitening done are by following these simple points. 

Apply coconut oil on your teeth and rub with your finger gently. This needs to be done for at least 15 to 20 minutes a day and this will aid in teeth whitening. 

Brush your teeth two times daily and also do flossing before you get into bed. This will reduce Plaque build and keep bad bacteria at bay. 

Consume a lot of milk products like cheese and milk as this helps in building better enamel. This is also rich in calcium. 

Have a good whitening teeth by using this simple ideas in your routine life. Have a smile! 
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