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Nutritional benefits of eating Dosa for breakfast !!

It really matters what you choose for the breakfast. Because it might make your day in a good positive mood. A bowl of oats or cornflakes could be said as a common breakfast meal. But mind needs something different. Dosa is one of the tasty and healthy breakfast foods.Third party image reference

It is more common in south India. Eating dosa would keep you full. Eating Dosa is also light on your digestive system. Dosa is rich in carbohydrates. It provides enough energy throughout the day the body need. Dosa is one of the healthy sources of getting carbohydrates to your body. Protein is also essential to the human body. Getting protein from food is little difficult for vegetarian peoples. Including Dosa and Sambhar in your diet provides protein to your body.Third party image reference

It is due to presence of lentils in the preparation of Dosa and Sambhar. To be more healthy, preparation of these food should consist of more dal and less rice. Including coconut chutney in this combo would also provide protein, minerals and healthy fat to the body. People suffering from heart related disease might need a well-balanced diet. Food with high saturated fat might result in crictical condition. Dosa is considered to be included in the diet of those people as it contains low saturated fat.Third party image reference

It could be served for breakfast, lunch as well as for dinner. Dosa could be made in a large kind of varieties such as Adai Dosa, Dal dosa, etc. Each variety has its own major benefits. Each and every food consumed to the human body had specific effect on your body. So consume them as per your body preferences. Never eat anything for taste. Eat for good and healthy nutrition. Your whole lofe is in your hands. Handle them in a right manner.

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