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Rattle snake is one of the ten most poisonous snakes in the world, what is its identity

Rattlesnakes are a group of venomous snakes of Crotalus and Sisturus genus. They belong to a subclass of venomous snakes called crotalini (pit vipers).

Rattlesnakes eat moose, mice, small birds, and other small creatures. Instead of gripping their prey, they quickly subdue them with a venomous sting. This poison immediately stings or kills special types of prey. The rattlesnake venom can kill in 20 seconds [citation needed], but a rattlesnake toxin will immediately follow a prey who is not subdued and tries to run away. -Three are known to hunt from a distance.

Different species of rattlesnakes vary greatly in size, area, markings, and appearance. If the rattlesnake has not been surrounded or intimidated, humans usually try to flee when they encounter it. These snakes often bite only when people scare or provoke them. People bitten by rattlesnake often underestimate the length (approximately two-thirds of its total length) and speed according to which a coiled snake can attack (being stalked by the human eye Faster than). Travelers are advised to wear heavy shoes and long pants made of leather or canvas in areas considered to be a refugee area of ​​Rattlesnake. Guides provided with the help of booksellers, libraries and local conservation and wildlife management agencies That help pedestrians and campers identify rattlesnakes. It is advisable to avoid contact with them by watching the rattlesnake from a distance and not getting close to it. Pedestrians are advised to be especially careful when passing through wood or stones lying on the ground and through rocks and terraces rising on the earth, where rattlesnakes may be hidden or sunbathed. However, snakes can sometimes sunbathe themselves in order to chase prey, so those types of areas are not just places where they are likely to be encountered. When encountering a rattlesnake on a path, pedestrians are advised to keep a distance from them and give ample space for the snake to pass.

About thirty species of rattlesnake and several subspecies exist. They have been given this name due to the presence of a rattle (rattle) structure at the end of their tail. Rattles are used as a warning device when a threat arises.credit: third party image reference

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