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How to seek Guidance from God?

Asking Divine Guidance

When you are in Light and are walking in the path of the Divine source that has been set for you it doesn’t mean that you should be careless about your thoughts and actions and the decisions that you take in different areas of your life. You should always ask for Divine guidance to ensure that the path you are taking in different aspects of your life are safe and secured and are in alignment with the Divine source and its plans.

There are many spiritual gifts that you receive when you are in the path of Divine wisdom and truth. The most important of them are Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Claircognizance. I said these are important not because others should be ignored but these are the ones that you could use in your everyday life for spiritual guidance which will help you to keep walking in the light without getting deviated at any point in life.

These gifts flow to you naturally when you grow in spirituality but it could also be developed with your intention when you are in the Light and when you desire these gifts for the well being of the complete universe.

So how does it work?

First, I’ll tell you about these gifts and then, I’ll shall teach you how to develop these gifts. Clairvoyance is the Divine gift to see the unknown and the unseen. It means that this gift helps you to see visions, auras, angels and other spiritual beings either with your physical eyes or through your spiritual eye which is the “third eye”. This gift also helps you in dreams. You may get answers to a difficult situation or about your life purpose through dreams which will be vivid and clear and also helps you to remember.

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Some people feel that, seeing through the physical eyes is more gifted and not through the spiritual eyes. Both are the same as both come from the Divine source. It’s only that, it may be different for different people. In fact, all the messages come through, when your physical eyes are closed which means you will see only through your spiritual eyes which are in the forms of visions and dreams.

The ones that you see with your physical eyes are as I told earlier, the angels, your own aura and the aura of others and other heavenly beings as well as spirits. Clairaudience is the gift to hear the unknown and the unseen with your spiritual ears. Here again you may be able to hear with your physical ears and or with your spiritual ears. Both are again fine.

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When you want to know something or if you are asking Divine permission or advice, you will get these messages through speech. Hearing through the spiritual ears will be clear in your heart and it comes as clear thoughts. Now to distinguish it as one from the Divine or not, you just need to analyse the quality of the message. You can understand the ones with ego and without ego, right?

The angels, your spirit guides and other spirit beings also speak through your physicals ear and or the spiritual ears. Even though you may want your angels to be heard physically always, it really cannot happen because of the vibrational frequency differences in both the forms of life. When you start developing this gift, you may develop different feelings in your ears like itching, pain, whispering, a smooth flow of breeze and so on. It is a sign that you need to be attentive to the message that’s about to come from the Divine source.

Clairsentience is the gift of feeling. When you are with some other person or when you are in a situation, certain thoughts pop up suddenly which reveals certain truths about the person or situation. This is how this gift works. You will have clarity on any aspect that you go through that requires guidance through your feelings.

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These feelings will be strong enough for you to make sure that its true and it’s a message of guidance from the Divine. This feeling could happen automatically and or also when you seek Divine guidance when you are with a person or in a situation. This guidance could be anything like getting clarity on certain issue, or the path you need to take or knowing the truth about a person or situations.

It’s a wonderful gift I feel.

All spiritual gifts are wonderful right?

The final one is Claircognizance. It is the gift of clear knowing. You may know about something very clearly but you will not have information to back you to identify from where the information came. This is Claircognizance. There may be circumstances when you feel that suddenly you were able to put bits of information to know the fact of something which came out of nowhere.

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You may also get information about past lives, about places that you have never visited, scenes that you have never seen. The information on these will be so vivid, clear and real that you and the people around you will be surprised on how you got this information so correctly. So this is the gift of clear knowing but with a spiritual purpose.

All these gifts that I’ve mentioned above are to be used in your spiritual life for Divine guidance. These are the tools to help you move forward without committing any mistakes and which allows you not to deviate from the light.

Initially you may have only one or two of these gifts but as you move forward in your spiritual journey you will be able to have access to all of them. In fact, these spiritual gifts are there in all of you but it will come to you only when you allow it with trust and love.

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There are different ways in which you can develop these gifts which I’ll mention below. You can develop clairvoyance by closing your eyes and concentrating on your third eye area which is in between your physical eyes. Close your eyes and imagine your third eye opening up and seeing everything around. This small exercise will help you.

Clairaudience can be developed through music. Be alone and while listening to music with lots of instruments being played in it, focus on each of the instrument melody present in that song one by one. This will help you.

Clairsentience could be developed just by thinking about a particular person or situation by closing your eyes and asking to know about the truth. It may seem simple but is very helpful in developing this spiritual gift. Here it’s the intention that helps.

Claircognizance can be developed by again intention. Closing your eyes and trying to know about certain facts that you are not aware of. But it will be more helpful if these facts are something that leads to your spiritual development.

So, these are the ways in which you can develop these spiritual gifts and it’s very important to use them.

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 Prayers & Love,

Sanoj Jose

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