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Importance of Praying and How to pray

Spending time alone with the Divine which is within you is important in your spirituality. You may call it prayer but prayer often defines itself as begging or asking something from God thinking it’s an external power and presumes that you are a weak being depending on that Divine power. You pray in such a manner that you cry, beg and ask without wisdom ignoring the fact that you are a part of the creator and you deserve to be answered.

You are talking about praying with faith, right?

Faith is another aspect but I was talking about considering the Divine as an external factor leading to energy of dependency while you pray. Once you have realized that you are One with God or the Divine power, there’s no need to cry and beg. You just need to ask. God never asked you to beg. God always guided you to ask and God has also guided you that “You will get whatever you ask for in prayer”. Then why do you always forget this important aspect. Once you start considering the Divine power as external, you lose your powers which are an integral part of the Divine oneness. All the powers that is prevalent in that oneness is also within you.

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You need not even ask using your mouth. Even the thoughts that arise when you are in need of something will result in the answer. It’s a promise that all prayers are answered even before you finish praying. So, what does this mean? The energy created within you when you desire something or think even before you spell out, becomes one with the energy of Divine source and it is answered.

You need to realize and acknowledge the fact that you are part of the creator source and so you are also a creator. You have the power to create whatever you want. You are completely in charge of creating your

reality. What you have to do is Ask and only Ask and believe that it’s done.The factor of disbelief happens when you consider the Divine power as an external force which leads to dependency. When you realize you are part of the Divine, disbelief will not occur because you acknowledge that you are a creator.

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Belief is the essence in creating anything that you intend. It’s this factor of belief that let you move forward in life. When you start to go somewhere, you believe you will reach there safely. When you have the food cooked by your mother, you believe it’s safe to eat. So, there are certain things in your life which is preprogramed that you have complete faith and belief in.The things which are not preprogramed may not be approached in the same manner. Most of you are preprogramed that your prayers may be answered or may not be. This comes out of your previous experiences. In the past, as far as you are concerned certain prayers of yours were answered and certain ones were not.

You fail to realize that unanswered prayers in your life occur because of the lack of alignment with the Divine power while praying and or the intention was not so. You need to go back and think on the things which go smoothly in your life like the few I spoke earlier. When you do introspection, you realize that those preprogramed things brought you the desired result because there was no element of doubt or disbelief involved in it.

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An important factor in prayer is that you have to keep your ego away. It is thee go of the human mind that tries to analyse things like – will it happen or will it not? How it will happen? It should happen in this way if

it has to happen, it is too difficult to happen and so on. So, let not your ego come in play. Be focused and ASK without any expectations, without thinking about the details of the way in which it is answered. The Divine force will work out the details and bring about the desired outcome.

Ask without expectation means?

Of course, when we ask something, we will expect it right?

Your prayers should be very simple. Ask what you want, total surrender to the Divine will. When I say Divine will, do not misunderstand that again that Divine is an external force and I’m talking about the will which is external. No. It’s all internal. Divine will mean something which is in alignment with the Divine oneness which doesn’t hamper the Divine love, peace or laws in any manner.Once that’s done, then completely surrender and leave. You have to just “Let it go” and forget it. The Divine power will work out the details and your prayers will be answered.

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Now keep this in mind. Never attach a time frame to your prayers. Do you think that when the last date for your college trip is for instance on 30th of March, the divine consciousness is not aware of that? Then why do go on to pray that “I want the money to go for the college trip before March 30th, 2020”? Again, that ego factor is coming into play, right? Watch out. So never attach a time frame to any of your prayers. The Divine consciousness will work on details and knows the best time for your prayer to be answered.

But then many prayers are not answered right? I mean even the ones which are done with complete faith and belief.

The prayers which are not answered are the ones which are not in alignment with the Divine will which I already spoke about. You want to marry that handsome man and keep praying with complete belief but the answer may not come at all. Why? That relation may do more harm to you than good. That could be the reason or there may be many other reasons which all human beings tend to ignore or want to ignore. Even though they know that it’s not good; they cling on to certain things because of their ego of possessing them.

Whatever you try to do, those prayers will not be answered. Actually, this message of the unanswered prayers is for those people who haven’t yet come into light. A person who is already in light is one with the Divine source and the divine consciousness is a part of him or her. This will help them in asking only those things in prayer which is in alignment with the Creative source.

That’s the reason you feel most of the time that some peoples’ prayers are always answered and others’ not. This is the secret. The prayers which are always answered belong to those people who know clearly what to ask.

credit: third party image referenceSo, is there any specific method to pray?

There are not. It’s your will. You can decide in whatever way you want to pray. But it’s always good to first connect with the Divine source, be thankful for everything you have, ask what you want with belief, surrender

it to the Divine source and just let it go. JUST FORGET ABOUT IT. You will see wonders. See wherever you put your energy in most of the time, it will manifest in your life. So you pray that you want a promotion or want to pass an exam and then in your mind, fear takes over and feel uncomfortable about your future being without a promotion or thinking about the issues that you have to face if you fail in your exam; the result will be an unanswered prayer. You had all your energies focused on it not happening and its consequences. Wherever you placed your energy more, it came back to you. So better let it go after praying. You may think that you can think about it positively so that your energy goes there more and it will come to you. But here again you are allowing your ego to work. As long as you do that those negatives come out once in a while. So better let it go.

You should not tell how things should work out. Again, the details are worked out by your ego. Understand that the Divine consciousness knows better to work out the details. The biggest mistake you make is that you

want a result and then give a blue print of how it should work. You just ask the outcome to happen. The blueprint will be worked out by the Divine power.

credit: third party image referenceOkay. Is fasting really required?

Again, when you fast, it’s a way of surrendering yourself to the Divine source. Yes, it’s a good way of praying.

Prayers & Love,

Sanoj Jose

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