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Pisces : your horoscope for October 17, 2020

The influence of a loved one will be beneficial and will dispel your doubts, do not isolate yourself. Your vitality will be omnipresent, nothing will stop you, physically speaking. You would benefit from practicing physical activity on a more regular basis.

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You engage with strength and spirit of innovation in a project that has already started. Your actions are now more decided, more persistent, better conducted and you have a better psychological balance, the results will soon prove it to you.


You discover a deep peace to live with your partner. For you, it's a little new but invigorating; also you set off towards the freshness of love and the art of living well. 

In a Relationship: You have something to do with the beauty of your relationship with your partner and this opens you to a better understanding of your relationship. Your day starts very strong and the most wonderful in this story is the cycle that you initiate under the protection of a heaven that cherishes you. 

Single: You are appreciated for your generosity and your open-mindedness and you have enormous facilities for forming new relationships. As you feel things turn in your favor, you use your irresistible seduction to conclude a romance in the most formidable harmony.


On this day, you are adopting a perfect course of action to be in balance in your accounts. Your pragmatic view of material things will allow you to make profitable acquisitions for the future. It's up to you to stay the course.


The generous Moon grants you its energizing energy. It is a powerful force that allows you to free yourself from many constraints, in a quarter of a turn. Take this opportunity to sort out what needs to be done. Then forget.


You take advantage of your weekend to relax peacefully in your cocoon. During the day, you read, watch movies or play board games with your family. In the evening, you invite your friends around a good meal punctuated by joyful discussions!

Our tip of the day

Do not hesitate to develop patience, wisdom and endurance to achieve your goals. Put your magnetism at the service of your intellectual honesty and your personal development will take off again.

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