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Suicide Prevention Steps You Can Take

When someone makes a wish to end their life, you should not take it lightly, even if they say it jokingly. The suicide prevention steps you take must be taken with caution. How to?

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), suicide can be committed by any group, even if it is the second-highest cause of death in the 15-29 year age group. A total of nearly 800 thousand people die every year from suicide, or about 1 case every 40 seconds.

In Indonesia itself, the death rate is due to suicide not reported according to the actual number, due to various factors. Even so, WHO estimates that there are 3.4 suicides per 100,000 Indonesia's population. In this calculation, more men were found to have committed suicide than women.

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Suicide prevention steps you can take

If you find someone showing the above symptoms, it is very important that you start taking suicide prevention measures, such as the following.

1. Ask directly

Asking the closest person directly about the thought of ending life, is not offensive. Conversely, it can be interpreted as a form of attention that is then expected to pave the way for the person to pour out their pent-up feelings on you, thereby reducing their desire to end their life.

However, suicide remains a sensitive issue, so you should also approach it personally. Be careful with direct questions, and try not to do them in front of a large crowd.

2. Be a good listener

This suicide prevention step can be done by everyone and does not require special skills, acceptable to listen to complaints others without judgment. All you have to do is be patient and accept all the complaints of the person.

Also, avoid arguing about good and bad. Also, don't be quick to make suggestions that sound too simple, as you can come across as insensitive, judgmental, and as if they question the sanity of someone who is suicidal.

3. Do not leave him alone

If you see that the person has really made up his mind to commit suicide, don't leave him alone. Instead, get rid of objects that have the potential to end their own life, for example, sharp objects, firearms, or drugs that are at risk of being misused.

4. Suggest seeing a psychiatrist

This suicide prevention measure should be done when the person's mental condition has calmed down somewhat. Psychiatrists, both psychologists and psychiatrists, knowing the right therapy in reducing the tendency to commit suicide.

Even when the closest person has been treated by a psychiatrist, you should keep in touch with him. Make sure he is disciplined in undergoing the therapy recommended by the doctor and remains a good listener of all his complaints.

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