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Know about the divorce of these actresses, you will know and be surprised

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Bollywood stars are in the headlines due to their luxury lifestyle. There may be a small celebration in Bollywood, but they celebrate this festival with great pomp. Stars leave no stone unturned to make their marriage better and when their marriage breaks up, it also remains in the big headlines on social media. In today's list, we will introduce you to some voice divorces that have made many famous artists sad.

90s actress Karishma divorced her husband Sanjay after 10 years of marriage. According to sources, Karisma finds Sanjay's house after the divorce, now named Karishma. The case did not just end with the house, Sanjay also bought a bond of Rs 14 crore for the expenses of his children and in addition Sanjay sent Rs 10 lakh to raise his children. You will be surprised to know that both of them divorced each other after 16 years of marriage. And after the marriage broke up, Adhuna demanded a 1000-square-foot bungalow in Mumbai for her husband. The matter is not settled here, according to sources, Farhan also pays a huge amount every month for the bright future of his children. Hrithik and Suzanne also divorced long after their marriage. Even after their divorce after 12 years of marriage, the two are still very good friends. If the news of the time is to be believed, after the divorce, Suzanne also demanded Rs 400 crore from Hrithik and after this demand, Suzanne got Rs 380 crore from Hrithik. Now you are well aware of these two divorces, but you would not know that after divorce, Amrita Singh decided to take Rs 500 crore from Saif Ali Khan, but Amrita got half of it. Saif pays one lakh rupees every month to raise children. Riya was Sanjay's second wife. And Sanjay loves his wife very much.

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