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Pradip Kumar Ray

'Bhishma('Pitamaha') - The Most Influential and Powerful Character of Mahabharata.

The readers of Mahabharata have also caught the demand of this claim. The continent has been brought up with the ancient Indian culture, religion, politics, trade, Agriculture, and war in ancient India. The background of the narrative written by Maharishi Bedabyas has evolved into the center of the battle field, named ‘Kurukhestra’. Even though the name is Debabrata, it has been lost to the name of Vishma. Vishma is not a human being like everyone else, he was a human God. The story has been quoted in Mahabharata about landing in human society.Image Credit: Google

The knowledge of the Bhisma was particularly popular with contemporary heroes. Even in the battle of Kurukshetra, he was able to draw out. During the consultation with Durjodhan, he presented directly the power of Sri Krishna and Arjun. In the field of the battle field, Pandavas are afraid of the hero Vishma. So they went into the Kourab camp at night and asked directly to Vishma that how to defeat him. Perhaps he was afraid to fight against faith. He said the way to defeat him. The next day, Pandva was sent ‘Shikhandini’ to the side of the party. Vishma knew that he was not a man. So the hero did not raise weapons towards him.

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Arjun came in the opportunity and pierced him. Finally, he fell from his chariot.  And the arrows were shot so that the body was equal to the ground, not on the ground, but the arrows. After seeing his head hanging, Arjun threw three more arrows and made a pillow. And the thirsty water came out for the thirsty land and brought out the streams of water for thirst. After getting married to his father, he was willing to die in ‘Uttarayan’. That means he will not die until the ‘Uttarayan’ comes. That's why he had to spend a long time in the world. He fell from the chariot and left his arms but died in the thirteenth-rule period. Bhisma Parba is the most important in the entire Mahabharata. Gita or SrimadBhagbat is mentioned by Lord Sri Krishna to Arjun before killing of Bhishma. Gita is the summary of the book of Beda, which is recognized as one of the most read books in the world.

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After the battle of Kurukshetra, Judhisthir took power. In the advice of Krishna and other Rishi-Maharishi, he went for blessings to his grandfather. Then the month of January has come and Vishma passed away during the Uttarayan of the sun . Vishwa was one of the most influential and powerful character of Mahabharata. 

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