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Your Friends Can't Take It Away Then No One Else Can Take It Away

If you can't take away your sadness yourself .Your friends can't take it away then no one else can take it away.

You will go to the doctor.he will ask you a question.you will tell him everything from your heart by answering him that is what you could share with your friends. the doctor will give you medicine .calm your mind Will cure.while you can do all this without medicine, the only condition is to learn to share yourself with someone .... to separate yourself from those people ... those subjects Keep away from those who give you tension .who convince you that the world is very bad ... who tell you every day that there is nothing good around you is better than living with them Come with a carefree who knows how to live happily ever after ...

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If you want to be light in writing then write in a diary ... writing down your sorrows in a fab will never solve ... but let's assume that someone like you will take your sadness further into depression. .... Of course some anxious looking people will come to your inbox ... but never try to see that talking to someone will not lighten the mind .... but often sharing grief with someone is a reason to regret Deals with ...

Whenever someone deserves to be taken out of the sadness, he will be one of your own circle ... It is a great miracle when a stranger will teach you to love your life ...

Alcohol, songs, music, movies, books ... they can all support you and they can never support you .... if you are sad because of a relationship then there is no better treatment than the touch of a lover .... hug yourself Taking or sticking to his throat is a great treatment .other things or advice will only make you sicker.

If there is a financial problem.then a job or employment will help you to get out of it nothing else will keep you healthy for a long time so o ask for financial help from someone and hear 'no' Instead of asking someone for a job look for a job through. someone of course getting a job is not so easy but if you walk away saying that you will do any work then surely one job You will be waiting.

The sadness of all of you is very good good because it presents your sorrow honestly.but believe me it is yours no one else will ever be able to take it you You will come out of it yourself.you can also find a way to get out of it because you know yourself someone else will be able to guess just to fix you.

You will be cured with medicines but try to recover with your will power without medicine.it is very difficult though.but it is difficult not impossible.

When I am writing something like this, I never write it all as advice or sermon.I am just looking at the mentally disturbed people around me.I see a lot of such people.I see everyone trying differently to get out of it all I have enjoyed the company of so many people so I have watched very closely that whenever Someone has come out of his sadness, he has come of his own free will ... when the doctor also cured him.his own will was made to be cured then the doctor's treatment also came in handy.

Well done you are all associated with any religion society or nation. if your mind is not calm then nothing can calm you .the peace you need is your own.

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